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Have you asked yourself "Why does climbing the leadership ladder feel like an uphill battle for women? Are the rules different for the boys?"

Research has identified that there are different patterns in the ways genders behave in the workplace.

In this 15 minute read, you'll be armed with 5 of the top proven tools that will help you focus your development effort right now, boosting your progress toward your leadership goals.

About the Author

Sally, is a highly engaging and experienced facilitator, speaker and executive coach. Over a career spanning twenty years, Sally has worked with thousands of leaders and managers in government, private and community sectors, specialising in a wide range of leadership, people management and personal development areas.

Experience in leading and managing teams, has given her an in-depth understanding of the current issues and challenges facing leaders, as well as the capacity to empower leaders to identify strategies that work in their own contexts.


Sally is passionate about helping leaders to identify and maximise their unique potential so they can create highly performing, happy and healthy teams. She has a particular interest in helping women leaders identify and breakthrough their individual barriers so they can lead with excellence and reach their highest potential.